Local Construction Workers Set Off To Sharpen Sustainable Skills


A second group of fifteen individuals from the Northern Irish construction industry are setting off for Germany for two weeks to improve their knowledge of sustainable construction methods, renewable energy and environmental standards.

Participants will be able to transfer the skills and knowledge gained to the Northern Ireland construction industry in order to meet local energy targets in the near future.

The two week programme is a comprehensive appraisal of current construction techniques applied in Germany, including air-tightness, thermal bridges, passive house projects and ventilation systems, with a focus on timber construction. Participants will also get a chance to put theory into practice by constructing workshop models of various junction details that are particularly relevant and key to achieving improved energy performance standards.

The programme is being delivered by KOMZET (a Centre of Vocational Excellence in Timber Construction and Finishings).

This innovative programme has already been well received with a previous participant commenting that the course was “One of the most worthwhile, informative and constructive courses in which I have participated.”

The skills and knowledge gained in sustainable construction methods will not only be utilised in the design and maintenance of properties but also in the retrofitting of existing housing stock to reduce energy consumption. In addition, the group will be able to transfer these skills to the wider construction supply chain in their daily dealings with suppliers, clients, designers and subcontractors, and also to apprentices and undergraduates through links to training and education.

November 25, 2013


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